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October 28, 2005


Penny Haynes

This is an email I am sending to the CEO of

I have tried using twice - both times have been absolutely riddled with incompetencies and completely incorrect information. I'll only deal with my experience this second time...that will be enough.

1) I place two orders equalling about $1000.'s website system would not tell me any accurate information about shipping.

2) When I contacted customer service about my shipments, they would tell me they couldn't help me, because their system wouldn't tell them if something had shipped.

3) Then they would say they would forward my request to another department, which would send me an email. The email didn't come.

4) The system cancelled part of my order and refunded my money, but never contacted me, so I could purchase it elsewhere or re-order something else.

5) Then the system started showing items that had shipped via fed ex, and when the packages arrived, I received different things than you showed on your status page. It said I would receive pillows, and I received a mattress topper. It said it shipped sheets, but I got a DVD.

6) I am still, after 2 weeks, missing a blanket I ordered on 10/20/05 (2 weeks ago), and when I talk to your customer service department, they can only say they are sorry, they'll (once again) forward the issue to the appropriate department (which never does contact me or do anything), and if I don't get it, they'll just cancel the order and refund my money. I don't want a refund - I want what I've been waiting for for 2 weeks!

7) I told customer service that their shipment dates and information on the customer website was inaccurate and showed the wrong things being shipped. But after I told your customer service person that, she said that if the items didn't ship today, I should let them know, and they would cancel the order. Now, how am I supposed to know if something shipped if your customer website doesn't tell me, and if the Customer Service rep, as they claim, can't tell me either???? Something was supposed to be shipped on my latest order by the end of today. Well, it's not showing shipped, but I have no clue if that's accurate or not.

8) I want my sheets and blankets, not a refund. Is your system so messed up that you can't even find items in my order and find out why it hasn't shipped in 2 weeks?

9) You give an 800 number 24/7 - which is a lie. After I press all the numbers to get this so-called 24/7 support, guess what I get? A BUSY SIGNAL! So, you do NOT offer 24/7 phone support. You offer a telephone line, but no people. When I asked for a line to the corporate offices of the President, they said they couldn't give it to me - only the 800 number.

10) I will make sure that everyone I know and do business with knows exactly what kind of business you run. The reason your stock is sinking is because your company's systems, process and services are absolutely horrendous.


Email to Patrick Byrne of

I am still waiting on a replacement item that was originally ordered August 28 2005. I returned my damaged shipment once I received the return label that took three contacts to Overstock customer service, each time I was advised that it would take up to 4 business days to receive via email. My shipment finally arrived at your site on September 29. I have contacted your CS numerous times, and no one has any idea when it will be shipped out. No one can provide me with the status of my shipment. I was advised that it would take 14 business days to process the return once it was on your premises; 1-4 business days to ship out the replacement item; 5-10 business days to receive the shipment at my doorstep.

Would you know if that means it will arrive tomorrow?
It would be November 8.

I never had such problems anywhere else. What makes your customer service so different from a company such as Amazon? or any other website? You truly know good service when a company can rectify a problem in a seamless manner to the customer.

Please let me know when my product will arrive.

Colleen Murphy

I too have a lengthy history of problems with, from just one product purchase. I will try to keep this brief.
I purchased a pair of chairs on the website Nov.2, was told they were in stock. I happened to look at my PayPal account and noticed that I was charged twice. I received an e-mail the same day to tell me that my monies were not received in a timely manner and my order had been cancelled. In checking back with PayPal,I noted that the monies had cleared and gone to My PayPal goes out of my checking account, not on credit card. I contacted about this and was told they were having problems with PayPal and I should receive my money back into my account within 4 working days. The 4 working days came and went. I called on Nov. 10 and spoke with a supervisor and was assured this would be taken care of immediately and that supervisor would make sure of this himself. I checked PayPal the next day, saw that my $400.00 was still not returned. I called and was told by a customer service rep. that I had already talked to a supervisor and she would not put me through to them again. I would need to wait 4 business days before I could talk to another one as this matter was being handled. I explained that I was paid bi-monthly and this was causing hardship in my finances to be out this amount of money. My rep. was glib and said she was doing her job and proceeded to spend 5 minutes telling me that she needed to look at my account or she would get into trouble for not trying to resolve it herself. In the meantime I have not recived my money back. I am panicking. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a corporate phone number to contact anyone else other than the main order line. Can someone give me some advice who to contact or what I should do. I feel pretty helpless with these people. Thank You.

Paula Cherry

Today I contacted Overstock for the 4th time. On Nov. 4th I ordered a digital camera from Overstock. I paid right away with Pay pal. I received a email from overstock a couple of days later saying that my order was canceled due to non-payment. I double checked my pay pal account, sure enough the $100.99 was deducted from my bank account and was paid to Overstock.

I contacted customer service Nov. 7th and was told they would get back to me soon, 2 to 4 business days. I waited a week, then on Nov. 14th I called again, when I called I was hung up on twice, and told that they would return my money by Nov. 16th. I used the online customer service chat today, and after waiting an hour just to talk to someone was told they could not help me and I would have to call. I called them and spoke to someone named “Jimmy” whose comprehension of the English language was lacking and who was also quite rude. If he was over 18 I would be impressed. I asked for his supervisor, and I was told that he was out on break and maybe I should try to call back in a few hours…

As soon as I got off the phone I filed a pay pal action to try and get my money back. As it stands now, I have lost my money. My only hope is pay pal.

I am writing this here as I am telling this everyone I meet and to whomever will listen about the horror your company has put me through. I posted this on e-opinions and saw that in the past you gave people this email address to help with complaints. I don't expect you will fix the problem and return my money, after all there are so many others that you have cheated as well. But as long as I am alive I will tell everyone I meet, see, hear, or talk to about how awful your company is, and with time your profits will show the wrong you have done to me and so many others, if nothing else this is the one truth the my MBA has taught me.

To the poster above try to get your money back via paypal that maybe our only hope.

Geneva Land

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do business with They are the most incompentent business I have ever had to deal with. I won't burden you with details as they are so numberous and for over one month now I've been trying to have an item returned with no luck. They are the worst. I only wish I had accessed the web site before placing my order to hear other complaints before placing my order. I will be one of many who will never recommend this so called company to another poor sole. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH OVERSTOCK.COM. You have been warned. Mr. Byrne also known as President and CEO, I would recommend you get your companies act together before you're out of a job.

Valryn Bush

I too have a Big O-uch story that boggles the imagination, but I DID get my money back. No matter what they tell you, it can be done - if you contact your state Attorney General's Office, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, etc.
Deal with this company via e-mail as much as possible so you can document the difficulties. As a previous poster said, it gets to the point where dealing with becomes so surreal that you can't even tell the story and have somebody believe it.
Here is my complaint to the Ohio Attorney General's Office:
I ordered this greenhouse in August for $96.99, free shipping. When it had not arrived by 9/18, I emailed the company. They kept saying they would check it out and get back, never did, I had to keep inquiring. On 10/20 I received an e-mail that the item was out of stock, my $96.99 was being credited to my PayPal account, and I had a $5 coupon to use in their on-line store. I had paid via PayPal, directly from my checking account.
When I didn't see the refund, I contacted them 10/28. On 11/9, they emailed back that I could NOT have my refund credited to my PayPal account, only as an in-store credit, and that furthermore, the item was now in stock. I went to the link and there it was - for $149!!! I called their customer service 11/9 and spoke to Lorraine. She said I could not have my money back, I would have to contact PayPal. They will not honor the original price. And PayPal will not take disputes beyond 45 days.
Defeated, I tried to order another greenhouse, more expensive at $139 (a different one) to use my in-store credit. Only the $5 coupon credit they gave me for my trouble would show in the checkout. I contacted them again and was told I could only use one credit at a time, and the $5 had to be used first! So I would have to buy two items to get my $96.99 back! I think you should agree this is beyond outrageous and outright fraud. They have had the use of my money, cash from my checking, since 8/26. They never shipped anything, and now offer the item to me for $53 more, and furthermore, I can't even apply my $96.99 to THAT or anything else, only $5. So I must buy two items to get my money back, but I am afraid to because if those items don't ship I am out even more money, and because I do NOT want to do business with this company. I paid ahead of time and have contacted them repeatedly and satisfied all my requirements as a buyer. They are in violation of their contract to sell me an item for a stated price or refund my money.
I have done some checking and there are numerous similar complaints in the last few months on review sites on the web. Check out
Mine is the worst I have seen, however. With Christmas coming, this company is going to have a lot of opportunities to do the same to other Ohioans.
Ironically, this company has had a lot of press with the CEO, Patrick Byrne, filing lawsuits against alleged short-sellers, hurting their stock prices, or so he says. Well, let me tell you, there is no short-selling more NAKED than taking a consumer's cash from their checking account, not shipping the item and not giving them their money back. Offering them the same item at 50 percent higher (magically in stock after two months and the "refund")and not allowing them to access their in-store credit to pay for it does NOT constitute a refund, and a complementary $5 coupon that has to be used before you can use your in-store credit is the most unusual way to stick it to a consumer while pretending to make it better I have ever encountered.
Most of my contact with this company has been via e-mail, except for the call 11/9. I have those e-mails and can get the bank statement showing the withdrawal from my account, so this complaint is well-documented and worth your time to investigate.
Satisfactory Solution:
I want my money back, or the item I ordered at the price it was offered to me originally. I should also be compensated for the time and devaluation of my money, but I would settle for just getting what I paid for at the price I was supposed to pay.

The FTC (, most state attorney general's offices and the Better Business Bureau (you will be directed to the Utah site) all have on-line complaint forms that can be filled out. Furthermore, this creates a valuable record with all these agencies. After all these months, when I notified that I had filed these complaints, my money was miraculously refunded to my PayPal account within two days. So it CAN be done. If you have made a good-faith attempt to deal with and been unsuccessful, I highly recommend you take the next step, both to protect yourself and others. One last funny note - when they sent me notice about my refund for my greenhouse, they said it was for my Olympus camera:)


I have had the most frustrating encounter with the customer service department of it's unbelievable. I was charged for an item that was never shipped. I originally spoke with "live chat" but when I asked if they could just tell me if the unshipped item was in stock, they disappeared and I never got an answer. I spoke with the most obnoxious person you could imagine who wouldn't even listen to me and spoke right over me. They're telling me that I have to wait ten days for them to do a trace before they give me back my money. I was left on hold forever because I asked to speak to her supervisor who never materialized. I called back and asked to be transferred to the head of customer service who told me that it should only take a day or two to get an answer. After reading all the posts on this site, I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Vince Porter

Customer service does not get much more incompetent than it does at Overstock. After placing an order, I received an email saying that my credit card was declined and my order cancelled. I called my credit card company to discover that the charge had been accepted! I then called Overstock to discover they had no record of my order: they had my order number, but it was attached to some other name! I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. I then went to the website and discovered an email address for the board of directors. I forwarded the details of my problem to that address. I received a prompt email and the problem was resovled. But, never agin will I order from Overstock.

jay turner

Copy of my most recent e-mail to O-stock.

This is my second e-mail regarding this invoice. I have also called twice and have gotten absolutely no help from a live person. I have asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for 25 minutes with no answer.

The LCD television that was part of this order has never been shipped or even shown that it was received by UPS to ship. I was told when I first called last week that they would look into this and e-mail me within a few days. No e-mail yet.

I e-mailed yesterday. No return e-mail-despite being promised a return e-mail within 24 hours.

I called again tonight and was told that they "need to put a trace on it" and it would be 10 business days before they could get back to me to tell me whether they would even ship it again or issue a refund.

I asked why it take 10 days to trace something that has never been shipped and it in fact shows UPS never received it? I was told that she could not answer that. I was then put on hold for 25 more minutes with no further answer.

This is unacceptable. I ordered this on Nov. 21st specifically for X-mas and early enough to avoid shipping issues. I need to know within 24 hours whether this will be at my home before the 25th. If not, I want the order canceled and I want to know whether a refund has been issued.

I am very dissappointed at the service. I have spent over $5,000 at Overstock in the last 6 months. I guess you all do not need customers like me.


here is the corporate office number

6350 South 3000 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
801 947 3100


I am looking for any member of this companies corporate office. I cannot believe how customers are treated! I would be amazed that with type of customer service they last the rest of the calendar year! I can't believe the treatement.


Here we go again. Looks like Overstock is screwing up again just in time for this Christmas. Overstock Auctions is riddled with incompetent staff. This company is nothing more than a 2-headed beast that needs to be put out of its misery for the sake of consumers and businesses alike. As a SELLER on Overstock I cannot begin to express the frustration that I have experienced with this company. Overstock treats its sellers just as bad as it does its customers. The company staff does not use any logic or competence when it comes to dealing with complaints from so called buyers or third parties. Whenever it receives a complaint about a seller, Overstock immediately takes the position that the third party is correct and shuts down a seller's site by removing all auctions. It does not care that buyers have already bid on items hoping to get them in time for Christmas! Meanwhile, the seller has no idea why the Auctions have been removed. The seller receives only a canned email from the content review team stating that it has received a complaint! This email does not specify what item(s) the complaint is about. Yet, it states that you must submit a counter notification including information on the item specified in the complaint. Well now, wouldn't you need to provide the seller with the specific item name and number? You think? Since they disable the Auction information, a seller is no longer able to view any of the items, numbers, or descriptions in order to defend themselves. Emails from sellers are simply ignored by Overstock, or if they do respond, they don't answer the questions that have been asked by the seller. Perhaps a lesson in business acumen would be a good start to improving the state of Overstock. Anybody know a good attorney? It may take legal intervention to stimulate the appropriate response from Overstock.

Aone sucks. They canceled my orders. One was canceled and no one informed me about it. When I place the next order, I realized that the first one was canceled. One month later. Too old to argue. I contacted customer service and one told me that the second order was accepted. We both saw it say accepted on their website. Later that day I check the status and it was canceled. CS said that it is a electrical technical error with my order. Ha, never heard about this before. This was said during a live chat. I copy and past the log so I could save it. I would not order from these lame bastards again. I might file a complaint with the FTC and copy corporate office.

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