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December 30, 2005


Stuart MacDonald

That traditional retailers are picking up steam is no surprise to me at all. Early on, it was the techno-upstarts that broke new online ground but the brand equity and infrastructure that the traditional guys bring to the table has more value once the technology can be more easily bought or rented. Where I expect this to clearly show up is in travel (an area I have more than a passing knowledge of), where we will likely see the double-whammy of the category growing more slowly and share being gained by suppliers. This will be at the expense of the third-party gang who's business is basically based on the fact that they got there first and invested when others couldn't (airlines in bankruptcy and hotels bleeding post 9/11 meant not a lot could be done).

- Stuart

 Helen, ecommerce manager

As for me I love preholidays spirit in the shops though it's more convenient to buy things online. But human factor is a very important reason why the retailers can feel safe.

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