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February 27, 2006


Still Inside

Unless the search engines figure out a way to differentiate their core offering (viz. allow people to find what they want better / faster / cheaper), then this battle is going to be about marketing and brand managegement. This plays into GOOGs hands right now. As I posted before about the recent MSN give-aways, there are billions and billions of dollars at stake, so I suspect that say that the game will NOT stay the same...


Many ppl miss an important point when talking about google search: ppl have "learnt" how to get the best results from google - whats the combination of words that gives the best results, slowly "google specialists" are emerging everywhere.

Now this is dangerous. because if you try your google tactics in other engines, you will obviously feel that the other engine is inferior.


This is a desktop battle not a search battle and Diller is entering the fray completely unarmed.

Henry Blodget

Is it really a "desktop battle"? That theory has never really resonated with me. Ever since the browser arrived, the desktop seems to have become far less relevant. I feel like the proof of this is Microsoft: They own the desktop, the browser, the browser defaults, and the whole new-user start-up experience, and yet, for ten years, they have run a distant third in the web wars.

I don't think it's so much a "desktop battle" as a mindshare battle, and, right now, Google is winning it hands-down. (And I think Diller's entering that one un-armed, too).

KH Stroem

Henry - just some food for thought:
All other things equal, once one company becomes "too" dominating in the industry (as perceived by the customer base/opportunity) people have a tendency to change behaviour towards no 2 or no 3.

As mentioned this is all other things equal which means that there can not be a large difference in product or experience which I agree with you there is not in search today.

This may be a European phenomenon where we tend to like the underdogs but as long as google is as dominates as they do there will always be a counter reaction.


Your point re: mindshare v. desktop is fair. I think we are talking about the same thing in that, in my opinion the definition of the desktop is changing. The new desktop is about what your homepage is, what your browser is, what browser toolbars you use, etc.

So its a mind share game, but it is also very much a distribution game. See link for more thoughts.

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