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February 28, 2006



Henry, it looks to me like the key point still is that we don't know much about what to expect in 2006 and Google still isn't going to inform us. Worse, they aren't even giving details on the impact from these RevForce Initiatives.

This may not be that big of a deal, but it could pave the way for a Barron's scenario.


Now some sell side ANALysts -- who "think" they know the company's financials and its growth rate better than its own CFO -- are defending the stock vigorously, and probably there will be more out in droves in the next few days to do the same.

What's new? Of course they may have many big clients who want out.


I thought that was hilarious after the CFO made corporate performance statements the at least two analysts came out and basically made statements that were based on insanity. Could actually be somewhat interpreted as contrary to the CFO's statement. More WS pump.

Henry Blodget

What did the analysts say, exactly? If you have the notes, please forward to


If it's something you really want, I would look at the tape of CNBC this AM. I'm trying to recall the time but it was before noon that I heard the soundbites of on CNBC. They mentioned the analyst's names so you could likely find some type of press release or documented statement.


This highlights something else about Google's culture: the way they seem to need to include the word "so" in every other sentence, often as the first word.

On the Googleplex campus itself it's become so pervasive it's weird. They don't seem to hear it themselves.

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