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July 20, 2006


benny blanco

hey im first


Fuck since when do you post at night Henry. FUCKKK I was on all DAY I knew you would post about google. Why not wait until the morning.

Second bitches!


Ok yeah Henry but you don't own the stock. So you missed the forest for the trees.


If I wanna read a google puff piece I'll go buy a copy of Wired, thanks.


Finally it happened. Even long standing nay-sayers have fallen into love with Google. The hype must be all time high.


Great post henry. I'm in the same camp of people who feel awe at what google has become. As you say, it's a behemoth, both feared and loved and it has done it in 8years. one thing i recall hearing E Schmidt say is that over the next few years companies are going to be able to get to scale faster and faster. In 10 years he thinks that a company will be able to become a multi-billion dollar company in 2-3 years instead of 8. With globalization going apace and the internet connecting billions of buyers and sellers, i tend to agree


There's no way to know how long Google can keep this up, but as long as it does, the only appropriate big-picture response is awe.

Is awe the same thing as putting money int the stock at $400?


kinda like Enron, awe then shock.

Too many holes in the good ship google.


They've got good moves, but nothing better than anyone else in the industry, check out Cisco's history if you want to see how G will mature or die.


Google truly is an amazing company with their constant innovation and forward thinking mentality. They seem to be on the cutting edge of every service they can get their hands on. It will be fun to see where they take the company in even five years.

Tomi Ahonen

Hi Henry and readers of the Internet Outsider

Good posting. Google is growing really fast. But it is not the largest internet company by revenues. If today (mid 2006) Google has reached the 10 billion dollar annual sales level, it is still running 6 months behind that of the world's largest internet company by revenues.

It is the internet arm of Japan's biggest mobile phone operator, NTT DoCoMo. Its i-Mode internet arm (in Japan alone, excluding its international revenue streams) earned 10 billion dollars of revenues last year, 2005.

Yes, Google is very big and growing very fast. But the future is mobile. And the world's largest internet company by revenues is the wireless internet arm of a mobile operator. In fact Google's new CEO Eric Schmidt said just this May in his big thought piece in the Financial Times, that the next internet is on mobile phones.

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Tomi Ahonen :-)

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