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February 20, 2007



Joost is nothing like YouTube:

You have to download software to use it. It competes more with iTunes, than with YouTube. There already is Viacom content on iTunes, this is just further defragmenting of tv show publishing/dissemination.

Henry Blodget

Thanks. Will Joost charge for the Viacom downloads, like iTunes? If not, it seems like just another approach to free ad-supported content (like YouTube), rather than an iTunes competitor. The impression I got from the WSJ article was that Viacom would just get a big share of the advertising.


ur title needs some editing. your valid points get lost in the title.

if u click on my url you will see what i think of the deal. it is a freaken joke, and if i were a via investor i would be pissed.

management is igoring the obvious... still. youtube took their audience, and now they are dealing w/an entity that has NO audience. VIA needs to bring their content to the audience. what they just did w/joost already exists via an no one visits to watch the content.

the internet is like a hangout. the popular place is where you have to be, and that is where people will go.

(i saw your article on seekingalpha, but for whatever reason i could not comment there, even after i logged on.)


I just watch a full episode of "Lost" that I forgot to record. I would just go to the ABC webpage for it.
It takes a dedicated fan to watch TV episodes on computer or ipod etc.


why someone would watch "real TV online":

- free TV on demand
(I missed an episode of 24 and don't have TiVo. I watched the entire episode online even though the resolution is no where close to the HD quality I'm used to. this probably won't happen if comcast has every show OnDemand.

and some shows you don't really need high quality HD resolution. Just want to be entertained w/ the jokes/segments on Daily Show and Colbert Report.)

- old shows, international shows that's not on regular cable(check out
- kids/college kids might not even have their own TV.
- laptops are portable, TV not
- slackers at work in front of PC



GOOG's CEO sits on AAPL's board. When video google first appear anyone w/an iPod was able to upload the videos to the ipod. (see where the trend is heading)

imo, in due time, AppleTV will have the ability to play Youtube material. This is why traditional content providers need foresight, and have to give up a little more to ultimately get more.

if apple plays their cards right w/appleTV, it has the potential to be huge.

Robert Atkinson

For monetization discussions, it may help to identify the business models by which money flows through the system. Here are the four routes, from a distributor’s perspective:

1) Payment flows received by distributors from end-users:
- Subscription-based payments from end users (CATV)
- Single-purchase-per-video payments from end users (iPod, pay-per-view, VOD)

2) Payment flows received by distributors from advertisers:
- Broadcast ad model: embedded ads / upfront ads (CNN web news clips)
- Web ad model: ads placed next to the video on the screen

3) Payment flows received by distributors from content providers:
- CATV carriage model (old-school; not seen much any more)

4) Payment flows received by distributors from other distributors:
- Web carriage model (CATV channel X may pay IP distributor Y for a premium placement on Y’s vehicle, e.g., see STREAMsurfer at

In models 1, 2, and 4, content providers are in turn paid by distributors using one of several carriage payment models, typically directly linked to # eyeballs/clicks.

Note that the potential route #5 of “payment flows received by content providers directly from end users” model (e.g., consider Comedy Central selling video directly from its web site) is a red herring, in that the content provider still must act as distributor (on its own), so in reality this route is merely a subtype of #1 above.

Can anyone think of others? If not, all emerging Web content distributions models must fit one or more of these routes.

This analysis, of course, sets aside the best route to monetization: sell to GOOG.


Robert Atkinson

Also, here's a proposition for people to react to:

Long term, the golden key (bulk of monetization) for video content is (1) user-selected (2) IP distributed (3) to television sets.

Agree or disagree?


while watching the last episode of "Lost", a special bottle of whiskey was discussed. I would like to see ads changes on the side as different products are discussed or show up. At the end of the video, all those ads would show up again together. I would have definitely click the whiskey ad if there was one.


Along the whiskey ad idea above, there has been talk that Google could also use past surfing history or search terms that an individual makes and then takes that info and pushes ads around content. So if I search for minivans, maybe I get an add for a Dodge Caravan.


Does Youtube really even need Viacom?

Its not just youtube whose traffic is surging. Many of the video content websites have experienced an upswing. It's interesting to read that Youtube's early february traffic was greater than the combined traffic of all the network websites.

Youtube clones like are also benefiting from the increased attention paid to these type sites. Interestingly there are even youtube-type free porn videos sites like (NSFW) that have popped up to take advantage of this phenomenon.

We can probably expect the big network websites to offer even more vidoes to try to compete in the future.


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