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March 15, 2007


Still Inside

In my experience VC funding for start-ups is pretty much recession-proof.

Most firms are jammed full of cash commitments that will take them into the next century, and a recession makes all kind of things cheaper.

A VC-backed company is supposed to be a rocket or doesn't get funded. VCs are not concerned with the absolute speed of the rocket (viz. a 30% slower rocket is still a rocket), but rather are concerned whether the thing will blow up on the launch pad, or it will speed toward a planet nobody cares about, or a planet that MSFT or GOOG or CSCO already inhabit and have taken over.

All of the things you mentioned happened in 2000 did indeed happen, but that was because of a hysterical souring on the .com hysteria, not macroeconomic factors per se.

Note here that I am talking about brand new start-ups. These are the companies that aren't expected to go public for 3-5 years. Clearly bridge and B/C/D rounds track the market closer as the get closer to the market.


King Troll

Henry, should i try to get funding for my company or just keeping growing it at a steady pace on my own? Talk to me bro. What you think.

I'm taking over the leases of some of the DEMO stores (owned by PacSun.)


Yeah, it's coming. It's so 2000 right now.


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