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April 02, 2007


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I would switch my adsense-powered network in a heartbeat if I get paid for impressions.

Preston Wily

As an advertiser and a publisher I have to say I agree completely - I know that I have received some CPM compensation from Adsense, but I think that's when advertisers specifically choose CPM on the network and in those cases I don't believe I receive per-click revenue.

I really hope one of the networks embraces this concept - my guess is that Google is more likely than Yahoo and MSN to try something new.


Is Google too Powerful?

Eric Schmidt thinks not:

Watta Harebrain

This would be a great way for Microsoft to kill Google's reputation as the primary target for click fraud!

David Hunter

One small problem with this theory - unlike Google and Yahoo, Microsoft has no program for 3rd party publishers to carry their ads. In fact they are quite proud of it:

Microsoft today announced Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions , a service that only delivers ads to respected Microsoft sites.

On-line advertising is very cost effective and trackable if done correctly with top tier sites. When your ads get syndicated out to an advertising network all bets are off. The percentage of invalid clicks on advertising network sites is much higher than on search engines or tier one content sites.
I suppose that wouldn't apply to CPM ads, but first they have to get their heads around dealing other than "respected Microsoft sites."

Michael Stone


Your "hybrid" pricing scheme is interesting but also quite easy to replicate. Google has proven that they're willing and able to launch various types of pricing concepts in order to gain maximium advantage. If MSN does well big "G" will follow along very quickly.

MSN would do much better if they tried to figure out where the market is going in 5 years - then build a product suite that stakes out a position. Some great vision mixed with a healthy dose of patience could bring them over the finish line. Where will the market be in 5 years? This is where MSN needs to be in 2008!


>> I would switch my adsense-powered network in a heartbeat if I get paid for impressions.

*snicker* Me too. And then I'd call some Eastern Europeans, and arrange a proxied-to-hell 'bot guided tour of my sites...

I'd make out like a bandit, but I'm not sure MSN advertisers would like it very much

>> I know that I have received some CPM compensation from Adsense, but I think that's when advertisers specifically choose CPM on the network and in those cases I don't believe I receive per-click revenue.

I'm not sure either, but I think that happens when your average CPC drops below a threshold, and you are switched to the CPM platform automatically. That pays $2 CPM (from memory), and you get a different pool, as you say, of advertisers who specified a CPM campaign.

It's better than the "old days" when you could show 1m impressions / day and get nothing - at least now you'd show some decent CPM revenue now, cover your bandwidth / overheads etc, and make some profit


Henry, any comments on the EchoStar deal?


Already exists as an add-in for Firefox. Noscript and Adblock together stop pretty much all of it. OOps. Microsoft adds get stopped too! dang.


Hi Henry,

I thought this was interesting, even if the headline was a little misleading. It also reminded me of an idea I had a couple years back about how MSFT could *really* crush GOOG, if they got a mind to. Trackback ping doesn't seem to be working, so the direct link is here:


Google Is GOD!(series)

Certain if not all Christian Evangelists groups and individuals may dispute that idea as i would expect them to as there's just way too much religion in politics! but the core of this argument is a hypothetical that Google is indeed in the driver's seat to change the way old media calls 'business as usual.' i.e does business!

It is a war that's Goggle's to lose... and Business Is War!!

What i'm hopefully trying to espouse is the fact that Google is leveraging the internet as we know it to revolutionize the way the business of media in the conventional sense could be done and re-written.

I call it the First Innovator's 1st rule... 'first-come-first-serve' (rule of advantages) from a compendium of...

A little akin to early bird gets the worm.

(to be continued)

The World's Greatest Detective!
An Odyssey. The Revolution!


What is google also adds CPM compensation to its publishers before MSFT does it ? then there is no particulary reason for publishers to move to Microsoft. only it will cut into googles bottomline..


Is iPhone gone the way of the dinosaurs before its official roll-out?

World's Greatest Detective!
An Odyssey. The Revolution!
search "invest_mavin"

Naval Ravikant

There's an even easier way - just put an ad-blocker in IE:


>> just put an ad-blocker in IE

Interesting idea, never going to happen, or at least, if it does MSN are dead.

Why? Consider - something just over half of Gs revenues come from the content channel, their AdSense product. Since we don't know the exact rev share, we have to make an educated guess, and 60% is a figure backed up by direct experimentation (bid on a nonsense word in Adwords, target for it in your OWN AdSense, then compare your revenues to your expenditure).

Since Gs' 2006 rev were just over $7bn, the AdSense revs were at least $3.5bn, implying that the publisher community took around $5.25bn in revenue. If MS attack Google, they also attack that revenue, and there is no way in hell they can win that fight.

If destroying their web business became the only way to get a Google blocking version of IE off the market, we'd do it. Massive lawsuits, backed by people that MS can't bury in lawyers would appear, truly staggering quantities of vicious spam would appear in their web index, probably leading to further lawsuits, and worse, MS would mark themselves, forever, as a company no-one would deal with. They may destroy Google, but they would deny themselves the possibility of ever benfitting from it.

Yahoo, on the other hand would collectively come close to death by hysterical laughter

Account Deleted

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So it's time one of the big ad networks started compensating publishers on a CPM basis in addition to a CPC basis.

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