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May 30, 2007


Anders Kargaard Jensen

Interesting! Keep it coming about Google vs Microsoft!


Where's Yahoo Maps in all this? Bueller, Bueller?

Mike H.

Curious how Yahoo has not released any updates or new features. Have they dropped out of the race?

Mapquest's position seems to be, from what I read elsewhere, "our users don't want these newfangled maps". I bet they are not winning market share with that strategy.

Ask Maps seems to have some interesting new features but is clearly not playing in the same leagues as the other players when it comes to coverage. For instance I searched for London, and they barely managed to show me the city name on the map (after proudly zooming to London, OH, WTF?) after I manually specified that I want London, UK. No street names or anything.


This passes for analysis? Boy did I go into the wrong business.

Cooler does not equal more useful.

Just try to navigate down a street in a way that would help you find your way someplace unfamiliar using both apps. Also, which one actually works with a mobile device? Hint -- not the one requiring a 3D graphics card and about a Gig of RAM for caching.


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