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June 13, 2007



I watched the webcast. Unbelievably, Semel was *not* directly confronted on the most obvious question:

"What objective measures did the board use to arrive at Semel's comp package?"

There's only one measure that shareholders care about... since GOOG went public: GOOG up 6 times... YHOO down -4%.

Yet, Semel is the #1 top compensated CEO in 2006. (AP analysis of 386 public companies and top corporate paychecks.)

Yesterday's annual meeting confirmed it: The inmates ARE running the asylum.

In fact, the way the pay-for-performance proposal was dismissed was almost offensive. "Deemed not in best interest of shareholders."

Having some experience with this stuff, it seems to me that YHOO's board should be deemed *not* in the best interest of shareholders.

Don't know why this gets me so heated but I think it represents the worst abuse of corporate governance and exec comp.

P.S. I never did get an answer to a previously posted question: Did YHOO actually miss last quarter's numbers because of the size of Semel's comp package? From the data I could get, I think YHOO would have beat by a penny instead of miss by a penny. Any way you can confirm that?

P.P.S. What is chance private equity will take out YHOO?


Yahoo faces the same secular problem AOL did. It's trying to be the ultimate walled-garden on the Internet. That's not how people use the Internet. They flit from place-to-place looking for the best information and services. In that world Google wins, because it's the beast helping users do their flitting. Yahoo is dead until it's bought. And the only company that could eat Yahoo without choking is Google. Microsoft would go into convulsions and die if it tried the same surfeit.

dub dub

Wow, that's quite a spin on this disastrous attempt at Yahoo shareholder activism. If this is the best they can muster, they deserve what they got, and what they'll get.


Ebay drops ads from Google. Who loses? This seems like a loss to both companies. Google loses dollars, Ebay loses leads, and also dollars. In the end, I think Google has more leverage since ebay, while being a large customer, is only a fraction of Google's massive income


more on the ebay-google falling out

dub dub

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Semel is out as CEO and Yang is in....

Thoughts... You heard it here first!!!


Since Semel has several times admits himself, he is not a internet expert,probably he should step down as CEO long before..I think his biggest mistake in his tenure was failing to buy Google...
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