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August 15, 2007



I did the same thing for Q1 using a few different sources. I doubt the spreadsheet will look very good in comments but you can see that in absolute numbers network and local TV and newspapers are giving it up to Internet and targeted mags and cable channels. Mass Media is dying. Soon to be followed by Mass Marketing.

MEDIA JAN-MAR 2007 (Millions) JAN-MAR 2006 (Millions) % CHANGE
NETWORK TV 6,053 6,523 -7.20% 470.5
LOCAL NEWSP 5,389 5,650 -4.60% 261.0
SPOT TV 3,744 3,905 -4.10% 161.0
SYNDICATION 987 1,049 -5.90% 62.0
B-TO-B MAG 957 1,009 -5.20% 52.0
RADIO 2,294 2,343 -2.10% 49.6
NATL NEWSP 810 855 -5.30% 45.0
SUNDAY MAG 430 439 -2.00% 9.0
LOCAL MAG 110 114 -3.30% 4.0
SPANISH NEWSP 83 85 -1.90% 2.0
FSI 475 475 0.00% 0.6
SPANISH MAG 36 31 14.30% 5.0
OUTDOOR 882 861 2.40% 20.9
SPANISH TV 985 950 3.70% 35.0
CABLE TV 3,821 3,593 6.30% 228.0
CONSUMER MAG 5,168 4,825 7.10% 343.0
INTERNET 4,900 3,800 16.70% 1,100.0
TOTAL 8 34927.6 35025.5 -0.30% 97.9
37122.9 36507.7 1.7% 615.2


It will be interesting to see if microsoft can be more successful at advertising than with MSNBC.


can I just confirm - did you strip out international ad revenues for all companies in the analysis? The internet firms all have big international revenues (less so for AOL) but many of the old media firms are just USA-based. thanks.

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