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September 22, 2007



Not to worry for Google -- all the missing mortgage ads will be replaced by attorneys trolling for clients to sue their mortgage company.


Andrew, if you even find out the share of the mortgage industry ads to the overall Google online advertising business, please let me know. I am concerned about it. This will not only affect Google, but also small website publishers like myself (I just built )who has already spend a lot of money trying to promote mortgage-related websites. Google is such a big company that I'm sure will be able to cushion mortgage-related advertisement losses by others new trends (political ads or ads by bankruptcy lawyers, but how about small business owners?

Many people believe Google only makes money out of its search engine, but the truth is that most of its revenue comes from its network of associated websites that display the "Ads by Google" advertisement.


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Google is just the king and they can do anything that they want. They are controlling the world and the internet.
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It's hard to argue with his logic. The number of advertisers is diminishing as mortgage originators, brokers and affiliated businesses fold their tents.

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