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September 10, 2007



I'm glad to see that you are coming around on this. As we noted last week, the Nielson numbers overstate the ad spend for mortgage advertisers. But, used as time series data, they provide a good relative measure. The mortgage crisis is real, but the outlook for big internet publishers is not nearly as dire as you have written.


all the negative press that sub-prime lenders, the mortgage industry and the housing market is having will probably have an overall effect on consumer confidence, especially in relation to housing and related financial products. Even if mortgage companies increase their ad spend, but nobody responds to the ads, this will no doubt force a rethink in their marketing and advertising strategy, which is likely to happen, it just hasn't started yet


think that the mortgage fallout is real and will be pronounced. i have been in mortgage lead gen for 5 years and know the #s. I estimate $25m per month of internet marketing expenditures has gone away.


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