Best 17-Inch Laptops under $1000 [Dec 2020]

The 17-inch laptops may seem heavy and large against the 13-inch and 15-inch counterparts, but there are many reasons for their demand. These large laptops are perfect for replacing home PCs, offering a decent screen area for gaming, and creating content. More importantly, large enclosures provide excellent ventilation for powerful components.

In other words, the best 17-inch laptops are very different from their 13-inch and 15-inch counterparts. They use more powerful components, including discrete graphics cards, such as Nvidia Max-y graphics, to compete with most gaming PCs. So if mobility isn’t a priority, these laptops are becoming one of the best options for playing heavy games or serious creative work like video editing.

The 7-inch laptops offer high performance and a great choice for photographers, video editing, and gaming. Here we compiled a list of 10 best 17-inch laptops under $1000 and selected that product, which offers great performance under $1000.Whichever 17-inch laptop you choose, you can be sure you’re getting the best for your money. We will also add a complete shopping guide that will surely help if you plan to buy a laptop from the offline market.

List of Best 17-Inch Laptops under 1000 dollars

HP (17-BY1053DX) 17.3 LaptopIntel Core i58GB
Acer Aspire 7 A717-72G-700J 17.3″ LaptopIntel Core i76GB
Lenovo IdeaPad 330-17Intel Core i58GB
Dell Inspiron 17.3 Inch Full HD LaptopIntel Core i716GB
LENOVO 2019 NEWEST L340-17 17.3 INCH LAPTOPIntel Core i312GB
LG Gram Laptop – 17″ IPS WQXGA ThunderboltIntel Core i716GB

#1 HP 17-BY1053DX – Best Overall 17-inch laptop under $1000

The HP 17-BY1053DX is another good 17-inch laptop that comes with a powerful eighth-generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor. It includes a great 17-inch screen and many other features.This laptop may not provide you with all the features that come with more expensive options, but its performance is very good as compared to other models in this price range. This laptop has 8GB system memory and 256GB PCI-SSD for advanced multitasking.

HP 17-BY1053DX

The quad-core 8V processor with Intel Turbo Boost technology provides superior performance while gaming or video editing. The Intel UHD Graphics 620 also plays a vital role in games and multitasking on this laptop. According to Hp, this laptop easily works at least 5 hours without charging.

The 17-inch WLED-backlit HD displays provide sharp colour to your photos and videos. The display has a resolution of 1600 x 900, which provides high-quality images with great detail. This laptop comes with a variety of connectivity options, such as HDMI output, built-in media reader, and wireless and wired connection.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1600 x 900 pixels WLED HD+ panel
  • Processor: 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8265U
  • Graphics Card: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 256GB PCI-e SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Price: Starts from $635
  • High Performance
  • Compact Design
  • Average Speakers

#2 Acer Aspire 7 A717-72G-700J – Powerful Hardware

Acer is another well-known laptop manufacturer that has many fans due to its quality products. This laptop is a strong option in the list of 17-inch laptops under $ 1000. Acer Aspire 7 is a multimedia notebook with excellent performance. The 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS panel opens with a black plastic plate.

Acer Aspire 7 A717-72G-700J

The colour contrast and luminescence are attractive that enhance its beauty. If you are a music lover, then it is a good choice because it comes with dual Dolby stereo speakers under the palm rest. The machine has a 2.2GHz i7-8750H six-core response core, 8GB RAM, and 128GB SSD. The GTX 1060 graphics card can also improve the gaming experience on the laptop. Thanks to 6GB video storage technology, you can run any program without any hassle.

It has a chelate-style backlit keyboard that feels slippery and soft while typing. In other words, the touchpad is excellent, and its response speed is very fast, and the input is also smooth. The fingerprint scanner in the left-hand corner increases its security system.

It has three USB ports, including one USB Type-C port, one USB 3.0 port, and two USB 2.0 ports. There are a headphone port and microphone jack, as well as 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. It offers an average battery life of 6 hours. This unit also gives you the luxury of the HDMI port.

If you are looking for the best 17-inch laptop for business and presentations, then this Lenovo IdeaPad 330 is a good option under $1000.In this laptop, you will find high-quality displays with 1600 x 900 resolution with anti-glare technology. You can also rearrange the layout of Windows and worksheets and analyze details according to their preferences.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD IPS Panel
  • Processor: 8th gen. Intel Core i7-8750H
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia Geoforce GTX 1060 6GB VRAM
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Price: Starts from $1199
  • Great Graphics
  • Sufficient storage
  • Lightweight
  • Good Storage
  • Average battery life

#3 Lenovo IdeaPad 330-17

Lenovo’s 17-inch laptop is provided with a seventh-generation Core i5-7200U processor and an incredible 12GB DDR4 RAM, which is good in this price range. You can easily open lots of tabs, office applications, and video playback on this laptop without any lag. The corporation claims that its battery timing is up to 7 hours, which is enough for everyday tasks.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330-17

It also has an integrated fingerprint reader that improves security. The Ideapad 330 has all the ports on the left side of the device, including HDMI output, two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, a flash card reader, a microphone/headphone jack, Ethernet, and AC power.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1600 x 900 pixels HD+ panel
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo
  • Graphics Card: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Price: Starts from $800
  • High resolution
  • Anti-glare technology
  • 7 hours of battery life
  • Poor build quality
  • Very expensive what it offers at the given price
  • Outdated hardware

#4 Dell Inspiron 17.3 Inch Full HD Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 17 is the best 17-inch laptop under $1000; it is the best choice if you are looking for a gaming laptop. The brand’s reputation and product performance make it the first choice for a 17-inch laptop. The Dell Inspiron 17 is powered by a powerful 10th generation Intel Core i5-1035G1 1.0GHz processor, which includes 4 cores and 8 threads, which play an important role in improving the performance of the machine. The large processing power and 16 GB RAM makes the system extremely fast, suitable for large scale applications and high-resolution games.

Dell Inspiron 17.3

In terms of storage space, the Dell Inspiron 17 is provided with a 1TB hard drive, enough to store a large number of games, videos, music, and photos. If you like high-end games, the Dell Inspiron 17 will help you because it specifically supports the AMD Radeon 530, which lets you install the games you need and enjoy an in-depth gaming experience.

Some other features include Bluetooth connectivity, Intel Wireless 802.11ac, HD webcam, and multimedia card player. The Dell Inspiron laptop has a 17-inch screen and DVD-WR 2020 (up to 1000), which makes it an ideal laptop for home and professional use. If you want to play big games or large photo editing applications (like Photoshop or Illustrator), the Dell Inspiron 17 is ideal.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD Touchscreen Panel
  • Processor: 6th gen. Intel Core i7-6500U
  • Graphics Card: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 520
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Price: Starts from $1199
  • Powerful processor
  • HD Graphics
  • 1 TB large HDD
  • Lightweight
  • Average Battery life

#5 LENOVO L340-17 (2019)

The LENOVO 2019 NEWEST L340-17 laptop offers impressive quality and great performance. It has dual storage, which means you will never face the storage issue. According to the rating of this Laptop, users are very satisfied with its operation and performance.

LENOVO L340-17

The screen provides modern and fashionable colors, and the images are very clear and sharp. The large and perfect screen can reduce eye strain. It has good processing speed, and the screen is clean and bright. The laptop comes with 16 GB Ram, which is enough for multitasking. It also has an excellent combo microphone/headphone jack.

Sufficient RAM and high bandwidth allow you to run multiple browsers and applications at the same time easily. The storage drives provide 1TB of a large amount of storage space for large files, so you can easily digitally store all your work. This improves the overall performance of laptops for students, businesses, and everyday use.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1400 x 900 pixels WXGA+ IPS Panel
  • Processor: 8th Generation Intel i3-8145U
  • Graphics Card: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 12GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Price: Starts from $650
  • Premium quality
  • Sharp colors
  • 16 GB Ram
  • Large Storage
  • Bit bulky

#6 LG Gram – Best 17-inch laptops if you can extend the budget

This LG laptop is a bit expensive because it is designed for gaming and high-speed calculations. The Intel Core i7 1065G7 processor of the 10th generation and 16 GB RAM are enough for multifunctional use. This Laptop integrates with Intel Iris Plus graphics that play important while dealing with multimedia tasks such as high definition quality rendering or gaming. It comes with a 1TB SSD that is divided into two SD blocks of 512GB.


This Laptop has a WQXGA IPS LCD display with 2560 x 1600 megapixels resolution. The 17-inch wide-screen display can provide impressive results; you can view clear images and videos from any angle.

The 72Wh battery works up to 17 hours, which means you, can work for a long time using this laptop. This LG laptop passes 7 major US military-grade tests that said this laptop is shockproof, dustproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures. It comes with a built-in DTS headset, fingerprint reader, and wireless and wired connection that increases its feature compared to other models. Stereo speakers enhance their performance while watching movies.

Key Specifications:

  • Display: 17.3-inch 2560 x 1600 pixels WQXGA IPS LCD Panel
  • Processor: Intel 10th Generation i7-1065G7
  • Graphics Card: Integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD (512GB x2)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Price: Starts from $1597
  • Faster 16GB RAM
  • Sharp display
  • U.S. military standard
  • Long lasting battery (up to 17 hours)
  • Portable model
  • Expensive

Buying Guide: How to decide the best 17-inch laptop under $1000?

Buying the best 17-inch laptop under $1000 is not an easy task. There is a wide variety of laptops on the market, and choosing the right laptop is not easy. To choose a good laptop that suits our needs, you have to consider several important features. The better each of the features of a laptop, the better laptop it will be.

Laptop types

There are different types of laptops, among which we can choose according to our needs. Below you will find a brief explanation of the most common ones.

  • Normal and ordinary laptops: These types of laptops are those of a lifetime, the conventional ones. Laptops in this category cover a wide range of needs. There are them from very basic to other really powerful ones, able to fulfil more for any type of activity.
  • Ultralight Laptops (ultrabooks): As the name suggests, these laptops have the singularity of being very light. This may be indifferent if we are going to use it mostly at home, but it is a great advantage if, for example, we have to transport it continuously from one place to another or we have to travel with it.
  • Convertible laptops: They are laptops whose screen is touch, ideal for those looking for the comfort of a tablet combined with the functionalities of a computer. They are especially useful for leisure and entertainment. Some of these laptops allow you to separate the screen from the keyboard, completely becoming a tablet.
  • Gaming Laptops: These laptops are very specific, mainly focused on video games. They feature features that make them ideal for gaming, attention-grabbing designs, and illuminated keyboards. They are usually quite powerful, with very good screens and graphics cards.

Performance and speed

The processor or CPU, RAM, and storage unit are three essential elements of a laptop, and also the most important. They are closely related to each other. Its operation is a complex thing to understand if you do not have the technical knowledge, and for this reason, most people do not get to understand.

Next, we will try to define them in the simplest and most practical way possible, so that anyone can understand it and find it easier to buy a laptop.


The processor is the most important component of the computer and is therefore essential for its operation. We could say that it is the brain of it, in charge of carrying out all the operations and processing all the data.

Currently, the main processor manufacturers are Intel and AMD. The most widespread are those belonging to the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 series, so in this guide, we will focus on these. Generally, an Intel Core i3 processor would be enough to perform basic tasks, such as surfing the internet, working with documents using word processors, or watching videos.

The next step would be the Intel Core i5, an ideal processor for the average user and behaves well in most situations. It allows the computer to run smoothly when given a slightly more demanding use, using more advanced programs or playing various games.

Above this is the Intel Core i7, which is the one that incorporates most high-end laptops. It is a very powerful processor that works smoothly with more specific programs or heavy video games.

Each of these series has different processors, which are identified by a number. The most important thing is to know which generation the processor belongs to. To better understand this, let’s take the example of an Intel Core i7-8550U. The number “8” is the one that indicates that it belongs to the eighth generation.

Finally, another very important data of the processor is the frequency, specified in GHz, which largely determines the speed of this. The more frequently, the faster the processor will be able to work.

Random Acess Memory (RAM)

Random Acess Memory, more popular with its short-form RAM, is a component that temporarily stores the data to be used for quick access. It is volatile, which means that the data it stores is erased when the computer is turned off.

It is very important when you have several things running on your computer at the same time since each of them takes up a portion of the memory while it is active. On today’s laptops, it is most common to find RAM of 4, 8 and even 16 GB. It is advisable to buy a laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM, since those of 4 GB, even if they are for basic use, are somewhat short in many situations, such as when you have several tabs open in a browser.

Ideally, all running programs work with RAM. If the RAM does not have space for all this data, you start ultimately using the hard disk to do the same work. The problem is that the hard drive is much slower than RAM so that it would slow down the operation of the computer.

Storage unit

The storage drive saves data permanently so that it can be accessed at any time, and unlike RAM, it is non-volatile. The data does not disappear, even if the computer is turned off.

Storage capacity is not too important today unless you need to store thousands of images or too many audio or video files, in which case I would recommend you choose a capacity of at least 512 GB. However, you can always choose to use an external storage drive. They are very capable and very economical.

On the other hand, what is appropriate to look at is the type of storage unit. The ones typically incorporated in today’s laptops are of two different types: hard drives or HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) and solid-state drives or SSDs (Solid State Drives).

SSDs are newer and increasingly popular, with many advantages over HDDs. They are much faster, and therefore the speed of the computer improves a lot. Also, they are more durable, since, unlike HDDs, SSDs are not in constant motion. However, the good thing costs money and is that they are quite expensive, but it is the only catch they have. For this reason, laptops with SSDs offer less storage capacity than those with an HDD.

Without a doubt, if you are going to buy a laptop, I recommend choosing one with SSD. They are infinitely better, and it is one of the best investments you can make on your new laptop. Among its many advantages, it makes programs open with staggering speed and that the computer has a much less cost to boot.

Screen size

When we think about the size of a laptop, we associate it with your screen size. The most common measures on the market are usually the following:

  • Laptops under 13 inches: They are very small and lightweight laptops, so they are very comfortable to carry. They are ideal for those who take it everywhere and give it a very basic use, such as checking email or surfing the internet. However, they are highly unsuitable for other uses, as their small screen can be quite uncomfortable.
  • 13- to 14-inch laptops: They offer a little more comfort when it comes to performing a little more complex tasks, but largely maintaining lightness and ease of transport. They are very useful, for example, for people who use it to work and need to travel a lot.
  • 15.6-inch Laptops: This is the measure of laptop par excellence, the most widespread. Ideal for virtually any type of utility, they offer a great relationship between mobility and convenience.
  • 17.3-inch laptops: These are the largest laptops on the market. They tend to have better performance than smaller ones and can be a good choice if you only need to move them in a timely manner.

Screen resolution

Another very important feature of the screen is the resolution, which determines the image quality. The image that is projected onto the screen consists of pixels. The more pixels there are, the more complicated it is to distinguish them between them, and therefore the sharper the image will look.

Laptops sold today mainly feature two types of display grades. On the one hand, there are HD screens, which are 1366×768 pixels. In most cases, considering the size of the screens, this quality is sufficient.

On the other hand, we have the Full HD screens, of higher quality than the previous ones, which have 1920×1080 pixels, which can come in handy, for example, for laptops with larger screens. It should be noted that the technology tends to evolve constantly, so more and more Full HD screens are appearing to the detriment of HD screens. There are even some laptops with even higher-quality screens, which are good for photography or audiovisual production.

Our recommendations are as follows: if you can afford it, it is best to buy a laptop with the highest possible quality. If, on the other hand, your budget is tighter, don’t worry too much about quality, it’s preferable to invest in other aspects of a laptop rather than on the screen.

Graphics card

The graphics card is a vitally important element, as it is responsible for transforming the data from the processor into visible information in the form of images. Thanks to this card, we can see what is happening on the computer through the screen.

Laptops often incorporate graphics cards good enough to withstand normal use of graphics. Manufacturers know their computers well and know which graphics cards they need according to each model. For this reason, it is not something that we should worry about too much when buying a laptop.

However, if you plan to use your gaming laptop, it is recommended that you look at this component since something essential for this use. It would be good to check the requirements of different video games in terms of the graphics card.

Operating system

The operating system is the basic software of a computer. As such, it manages and manages the hardware and all programs on the computer to interact with them. Most laptops come with an installed operating system, but it’s worth fixing well when buying one. There are some that are sold without an operating system, and, in these cases, you need to install one to be able to use them.

The most widespread operating systems are Windows, Microsoft, and Apple’s macOS (formerly Mac OS X), so let’s focus on these two, although there are others like Linux. There are many more laptops with Windows than with macOS, but that doesn’t mean its better. The most knowledgeable on the subject believe that macOS is better than Windows. It is an operating system that works very well, smoothly, and presents very few problems or failures. Further, it is said to be more intuitive, and once you get used to it (if you have previously used other operating systems), its use is very simple.

However, they also have negative backgrounds, such as those laptops with macOS are much more expensive and that being exclusive to the Apple brand, there are few models to choose from. In contrast, those that incorporate Windows are cheaper, and there are many laptops of different brands from which we can choose.

Best 17-inch laptops – FAQ

Should I get a 15 or 17-inch laptop?

The screen of a 17-inch laptop is larger than a 15.6-inch laptop. If it provides high resolution and other essential features that can give you the best experience, then a 17-inch laptop is definitely the best choice. Conversely, if a 15-inch laptop has more features and better resolution than a 17-inch laptop, then the answer is no, and the 15-inch laptop is the best option.

Are 17-inch laptops worth it?

Yes, 17-inch laptops are good if they also offer good performance with a large screen size. You can get the highest configuration device without having to switch to the desktop from time to time. A large screen laptop is a good option if you are looking for the best laptop for different purposes, such as gaming, business, programming, college, or professional work.

Where to buy the best 17inch laptop under $1000?

If you plan to buy an electronic product such as a laptop, we always recommend online shopping. This is because of the cost and convenience; many stores offer more discounts as compared to the offline market. Our recommendation is Amazon because here you will find all the products genuine and high quality.


Buying a 17-inch laptop under $1,000 can a difficult task, especially if you’re not very familiar with the device’s specifications and rules of buying the laptop. This article covers everything that you must consider before buying a new laptop, whether from the online or offline market. If you like this article, share it with those friends looking for a new laptop with a large 17-inch screen.

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