7 Best 27-inch Monitors Under $300 [2021]

Are you looking for the best budget monitor? Here is our list of best 27-inch monitors under 300 dollars you can buy in 2021.

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With the advancement of technology rapidly, it is sometimes impossible to keep up with it. After a few years, we become frustrated due to the satisfaction of possessing the latest technology. However, if we talk about the best monitors at a reasonable price, you can ultimately purchase them.

In this article, you will come to know the best 27-inch monitor for under $300. It does not mean that we are compromising on the quality; all these monitors are affordable as well as of high quality.

Best 27-inch Monitors Under 300 dollars in 2021

The new monitor you will purchase must have a convenient screen to work and play games late at night. So they are incredible monitors under $300 where you can also watch your latest movie with the latest technology and Features. Here you will come across 7 amazing and high-quality 27-inch monitors under $300. So please have a look at them.

Sceptre Curved C275W-1920RN Full HD

This is an amazing curved monitor that gives you a fast response time so that you do not get any blurring or ghosting when there is transitioning off the pixels.  Most impressively, the monitor has an incredible edgeless design, which will keep you in action all the time with HD video quality and a great refresh rate.


Obviously, you will go for that monitor, which has more connectivity ports. So this is the one with one HDMI and one VGA port with an accelerated refresh rate of up to 75Hz. So it gives you an amazing visual experience while playing games.

Key Features:

  • Sceptre curved 27″ monitor has the color of metal black, and the hardware interface is HDMI.
  • It gives you the resolution of FHD1080p.
  • It has built-in speakers that are ideally good for gaming as well as working.
  • Also, it comes with a blue light shift, which reduces the blue light and gives you comfortable working.
  • Moreover, it comes with a VESA wall mounting pattern so that you have the optimum view position for your monitor.

  • Good responsive time
  • Blue lightship mode
  • Sufficient connectivity ports
  • HD picture quality
  • No major issue found


Many people love the panoramic view, so this one is an excellent monitor with this view and adjustable tilt for more comfortable viewing.  If we talk about the monitor’s color and quality, then this is the best one because it is technicolor color certified to give you amazing color accuracy.


It will also reduce the noise to prevent picture overexposure. Now, you can also add the screen partitions with HP my display software. So you can easily make room for more windows with custom OSD settings. Also, it is Windows and MAC compatible to connect with your laptop.


  • The color of this monitor is void, whereas the brand is hp.
  • The monitor is very lightweight, as well as the thing giving you the thinnest LCD display.
  • The monitor comes with the highest resolution as well as anti-glare made IPS LED backlight panel.
  • This monitor is best for gaming because it comes with a frameless ultra widescreen.
  • There are many connectivity ports in the monitor with the help of connecting with different things.

  • HP Enhanced Resolution Technology
  • LED backlight
  • Edge to edge ultra-wide viewing angles
  • Easy to set up with multiple HDMI ports.
  • Not good for reading the word document or PDF files

Asus VN279QL 1080p Full HD 60Hz

You can also mount this monitor on the wall because it is VESA mount compatible with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Its video performance is also good because of the exclusive splendid video intelligence technology. If we talk about this monitor’s brightness and color, then it comes with the enhancing color and brightness with mind-blowing contrast and sharpness.


Moreover, it comes with a three years warranty and two-way free shipping. The monitor has a super narrow bezel of just 0.8 cm so that you will get broader and better vision without compromising on comfort and style. The monitor is scratch-proof as well as textured finish with a multi-screen solution.


  • This monitor gives you the 1080 pixel HD display with a response time of 5 milliseconds.
  • It has a super narrow bezel design with a multi-screen resolution and security lock.
  • Moreover, the monitor gives you less eye fatigue because of ASUS eye care technology.
  • You can play heavy games on this monitor as well as can do any work with a full HD display.
  • Additionally, it also has a 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle with hidden stereo speakers to enjoy the audio with vision.
  • It also comes with extensive connectivity options like HDMI display ports, VGA and HDCP support.

  • Ability to turn off vivid pixels
  • Great monitor with portrait mode
  • Amazing and high-quality color
  • Good choice for gaming and movies
  • Inadequate brightness

Philips 276E8VJSB 27″ monitor, 4k UHD IPS

It is an advanced technology used in this monitor, which gives you an extra-wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees. So with the help of this feature, you can view the display from almost any angle.  It is the most advanced monitor with a high-resolution Philips multi-view display. So wherever you are, you will have a comfortable view, whether at the office or home.


This monitor’s brightness is highly controlled because of LED backlight screens so that you will have no eye fatigue because of flicker-free technology. Now, you will have a comfortable viewing while playing extended gaming sessions.


  • The Philips monitor comes with an amazing display port and HDMI.
  • The color of the monitor is gunmetal, whereas the resolution is 4k UHD 2160p.
  • You will get smooth color gradation and detail on this monitor.
  • It is famous for its slim and elegant design with a narrow border display.
  • It comes with an HDMI 2.0 and other or connectivity ports.
  • The good thing is that it comes with a 4-year advance replacement warranty.

  • Ultra-clear 4k UHD resolution
  • Slim design
  • Consistent brightness and color accuracy.
  • Ultra-narrow borders for minimal distractions
  • Bit of lagging

AOC 27V2H Full HD 1920×1080 75Hz Frameless IPS LED

This monitor gives you the ultimate work and gaming station to expand your view with multiple monitors. If we talk about the monitor’s design, then it has a frameless design with narrow borders. Additionally, it is straightforward to set up the monitor. Now, you can synchronize the display with AMD free sync.


This is the main reason you can eliminate screen tearing, shuttering, and input lag. So, you will have the fastest, smoothest, as well as visually stunning experience ever.  Because of the IPS panel, the color of the monitor is shown very realistic and natural. This monitor is the best one because of the incredible IPS panel and gives you realistic colors while viewing.


  • The monitor’s color is black, whereas it comes with a high resolution, which is FHD1080p.
  • It is a LED monitor with a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution with a great refresh rate.
  • However, it is frameless with a hidden IPS panel to give you a wide view angle without color loss.
  • The response time of the monitor is rapid, which is 5 milliseconds and a 75-hertz refresh rate.
  • The monitor is ultra-slim and sleek with tilt adjustability.
  • Moreover, it comes with low blue technology and AOC flicker-free technology.

  • Free sync technology.
  • Sleek and ultra-slim design
  • PS panel with natural colors
  • Some brightness issues

Samsung C27F398 Curved LED Monitor

This monitor has ECO saving plus features with the help of which the screen brightness is reduced to save power and keeps your eyes safe. You can also reduce the energy with automatic transitions fluidly. The picture quality of the monitor is running with amazing vivid colors. As you know, this brand is very popular; so Samsung will always give brilliant picture quality in deep colors.


Nowadays, in this modern world, people will always look for ultra-slim designs of the monitor. This Samsung monitor is one of them because it is ultra-slim and sleek, where it is less than 0. 5 inches thick. This is amazing, as well as adding to your home decor. It has a more modern look because of the simple circular stand.


  • The Samsung monitor has black high glossy color, and the resolution is FHD 1080p.
  • It gives you immersive viewing because of the 1800 hours screen curvature.
  • The monitor is easy to set up with no additional tracking equipment necessary for it.
  • It has a rapid four millisecond response time for a clear picture during fast-moving videos.
  • The brightness of the monitor is amazing as well as it is windows compatible.
  • It gives you a refresh rate of 60 years.
    • Super slim curved design
    • Advanced gaming experience with AMD free sync
    • Faded outline encountered

AOC CQ27G1 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

This is a curved frameless gaming monitor with a height-adjustable stand so that you will get the optimum ergonomics. Moreover, it is wall mountable as well as VESA compatible.  It also comes with a viewing angle of (cr10) 178/ 178 degree. Also, it comes with three years of zero-bright dot warranty and three-year advance replacement.


It will also give you one-year of one-time accidental damage. The monitor also comes with AOC low blue mode and flicker-free so that you can continue your extended gaming sessions for a long time. Now, you will not get tired eyes because of its flicker-free feature.


  • AOC cq27g1is a frameless gaming monitor that gives you an incredible gaming experience.
  • The color of the monitor is black red with a resolution of QHD wide 1440p.
  • It gives you a 144Hz refresh rate and smooth competitive gameplay.
  • Moreover, it comes with a frameless design, which is three-sided and has Ultron arrow borders.
  • You can also use this for the ultimate multi-monitor setup for continuous gaming.

  • Adjustable height
  • The faster 44-hertz refresh rate for a smooth gaming experience
  • Minimum eye strain and fatigue
  • Expandable view for multiple setups
  • Inadequate color accuracy

Buying guide – best 27-inch monitor under $300

It would help if you kept in mind certain factors while purchasing the 27-inch monitor.

Pixels per inch

The number of pixels on the screen is responsible for the clarity of the picture. So you have to choose that monitor, which comes with great pixels as it is a better indicator of monitor clarity.

Refresh rate

Usually, on a monitor, the refresh rate is measured in hertz, representing the highest frame rate. For example, the 60 hertz means limited to 60 FPS, whereas 144 hertz means that it is limited to 144 FPS. So the monitor, which has a faster frame rate, is smoother and convenient for gaming.

VRR technology

You will get it on your screen when your FPS is too much faster or slower than the effective refresh rate. So at this time, half of your screen displays one frame, and the half screen displays a different frame. All these problems can be solved with the help of variable refresh rate technology. So you must go to that computer which has VRR technology.

Response time

Usually, the response time is shown based on displaying the pixels. So we can say that the response time is actually related to the monitor’s ability to display the pixels. When the response time of the monitor is faster, then the delay is longer on the screen. So it adds to the overall input lag. So you must purchase that monitor, which has a fast response time.

Conclusion – Which one is batter?

If you are getting a 27-inch monitor under $300, it is just an incredible thing. You will find different panel types, screen types, and connectivity configurations in this category, so it’s your choice which type of features you want in the 27-inch monitor for under 300 dollars.

These monitors are usually used for specialized tasks. However, more people want these types of monitors to enjoy gaming as well as watching HD movies. All the monitors which are described above are usually made for this category. So it’s your choice that monitors you to find the best for you according to your choice, convenience, and requirements.

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