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Best GameCube Emulators You Should Never Forget in Next Five Years

If you’re looking for a great console generation, then the GameCube generation really stands out. Which is why you might be seeking the best GameCube emulator.

Emulation has really taken off in recent years, and many of the emulators on the market provide a near-console perfect adaptation of older games.

As a result, there are several great emulation programs for the GameCube, which can bring classics like the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Beyond Good and Evil to your modern computing platform.

nintendo gamecube emulator

I loved the console generation that brought about the GameCube, which is why I have wanted to relive some of those glory days without needing to drag my old console out of storage.

While doing so could be fine, modern TVs with their HDMI inputs just aren’t as compatible with the old RCA inputs that worked best for the GameCube.

As a result, I did a lot of exhaustive research into some of the best GameCube emulators currently on the market. I discovered that there are emulators for this system on just about every modern platform, so PC enthusiasts, Android junkies, and iOS fans can all get their GameCube fix.

In this guide, I’m going to show you some of the best emulators for all of the platforms.

What is a GameCube Emulator?

A GameCube emulator is a software program that emulates the performance of GameCube hardware. Emulation of various consoles has been going on for decades now and it’s a very popular way of revisiting older console generations.

The GameCube was released in the year 2001 to much critical praise. Some of the most popular games came from this generation of gaming, including Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee, and the console continued to be popular until the release of the Nintendo Wii about six years later.

what is gamecube emulator?
Image Source: MilkMan87

A modern GameCube emulator has the ability to play GameCube ROMs, which are software-based ports of the GameCube discs.

When you use an emulator, you’re also getting an improved experience because modern PCs and mobile platforms have much stronger hardware than the original GameCube had.

Also, you get extra functionality like save/load states that allow you to save and load immediately without having to find preset save points in-game.

Many people wonder whether a Nintendo GameCube emulator is strictly legal, and the answer is yes. While it is illegal to use ROMs, which technically violate copyright law, the emulators themselves don’t violate any intellectual property laws.

Top 5 GameCube Emulators

1) Dolphin Emulator

Before the name “GameCube” was even implemented, Nintendo used the term, “Project Dolphin,” to describe their latest console that was in development. During the midpoint of the GameCube’s lifecycle, a second Dolphin came into being: the Dolphin emulator.

This emulator first saw light around 2004 but didn’t really take off until 2008 when it went open-source. Since then, there is no emulator for this console that has become more iconic and well-known.

Dolphin Emulator

In fact, Dolphin is actually known to boost the performance of GameCube games significantly; it’s not uncommon to play iconic games in 1440p and with far higher frame rates than when they debuted.

Additionally, there is a near-constant stream of performance and feature updates, and the emulator even has support for the physical discs from that generation.

This emulator also has support for both Wii and Nintendo 64, so playing some of your favorite games from yesteryear is very convenient and easy.


  • This emulator emulates three different Nintendo systems.
  • You can enhance a game’s performance.
  • It provides standard features like save and load state.


  • The emulator requires a high-end CPU to run most ROMS.
  • It is also fairly GPU-intensive.


2) GC4iOS Emulator

When it comes to GameCube emulation, everybody would love to emulate some of their favorite games on their iPad and iPhones.

Emulation already has a fairly strong presence on this mobile ecosystem with apps like GBA4iOS and NDS4iOS being highly popular, but I find it amazing that these devices can also run emulators for more advanced systems like the GameCube.

GC4iOS Emulator
Image Source: JSK01

This particular app will require you to either jailbreak your phone or use a few interesting workarounds, but once you’ve got it working, that retro gaming experience is yours.

Admittedly, some games struggle to keep up GameCube-appropriate frame rates, but for most RPGs and games like Mario Party, this app is perfect.


  • The controller experience is near-perfect on this app.
  • There’s a wide variety of ROMs supported by the app.
  • There are quite a few under-the-hood features to access when you’re setting up emulation.


  • This isn’t an officially Apple-supported app, so you’ll have to download it outside of the App Store.
  • You can expect slowdown during gameplay on most titles.

3) Dolwin Emulator

Dolwin is an emulator that is designed to play Nintendo GameCube games on your PC. It is written in C language, and it has an interface that is very easy to use.

This emulator is very fast and accurate, but to support the graphics, you are going to need to make sure that you have a fast computer that can handle it.

With this model, you can easily configure the controls, so that you can play comfortably just like you would with the original GameCube controller.

Dolwin Emulator

There is quite an extensive library of game options that you can consider with this emulator, and since it is designed to be used on both Macs and Windows machines, you be able to play on whichever setup you have at home in full-screen mode.


  • The graphics that you can get from this emulator are great.
  • The controls are easy to configure and fully customizable.
  • The interface is very user-friendly.


  • You need an up-to-date computer to enjoy a good gaming experience.

4) WhineCube Emulator

The WhineCube emulator is a program that is designed using C++, which makes it a more versatile option that can run both DOL and ELF formats.

This is not an emulator that is designed for commercial games, but if you are looking to enjoy some other gaming options on this emulator, it will perform great on any windows system.

In fact, this is one of the faster emulation models available for Windows, which means that it can support more demanding games with ease.

WhineCube Emulator

Since not every game utilizes the same controls, you can easily configure your keyboard to allow you to use the buttons that make your style of gaming easier. You can also connect a compatible controller to your computer and customize it to your liking as well.


  • This emulator has excellent graphics.
  • It is capable of running on an older computer without a lot of slowdowns.
  • The controls are configurable.


  • Sometimes this emulator crashes when you try to switch games or simply log out.

5) GCEMU Emulator

The CGEMU emulator is one of the options that you can choose to use if you are looking to play some old GameCube games on your Windows PC.

It is a faster emulation that can run on most computer systems, so regardless of whether you have Windows 10, Windows Vista, or an older version, you will be able to play your favorite games without an issue.

GCEMU Emulator
Image Source: PhoenixInteractiveNL

This emulator was actually never fully completed, so some of the features that you may find on other emulators may not be available. However, if you are looking for speed, this is an emulation that will not let you down. That being said, you may find more bugs as you play this emulation.


  • This is a very fast emulation model.
  • It does not require BIOS images to use.


  • It is very unstable, so you may experience crashes on occasion.

GameCube Emulator Alternative for Android


If you are looking for an emulator that is capable of running both Nintendo 64 games and Nintendo GameCube games on an android device, then the MegaN64 is worth considering.

It is one of the faster options for Android, so for it to run with great graphics and sound, you will need a device that runs on Android 2.0 or higher.


The system does not come with ROMs, so you will need to upload them to your Android device so that the games that you want to play are playable when you log into the emulator. Even though the games do not come with the emulator, there is an extensive library of games and cheats that are compatible with the MegaN64.


  • This is a very fast emulation.
  • This emulator is backward compatible, so it plays older Nintendo games.
  • It’s compatible with cheats and most performance enhancements.


  • This emulator can take up a lot of space on your Android device.


If you are looking for an emulator that can run all of your favorite classic games, then the ClassicBoy is a great option.

It does not come with any ROMs, but it can play games from the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo 64, the GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, classic NES, Sega Genisis, and SNK NeoGeo.

Since there is such a variety of games available, controller mapping is a bit part of what makes this emulation so great, especially if you enjoy playing multiple fight games on your Android device.

ClassicBoy Emulator

Configurations can be changed on the go, so whether you are using the touchscreen buttons or an external controller, you can set the buttons to fit your playstyle.


  • Controller profiles are supported for MOGA, PS3, and XBOX 360.
  • This emulation is highly customizable.
  • This emulator can run games from eight different systems.


  • There is no setting to recalibrate the buttons of the analog stick.

My Boy

To start, My Boy! isn’t an exclusive GameCube emulator; in fact, it’s a Game Boy Advance emulator that has had its functionality improved so that you can play GameCube ROMs as well.

This is an Android emulator that provides a fairly strong emulation experience, and it has features that are designed to help keep the app from draining your device’s battery during gameplay.

My Boy!

Each emulated game is also complete with features that make emulation so exciting; with this app, you’ll have to save/load states, gamepad support, and BIOS files that are preloaded.

Additionally, there’s GameShark, ActionReplay, and Codebreaker support integrated into the system so that you can play with the cheat codes that can make even harder games a cinch.


  • This app makes it very easy to take retro games on the road with you without draining the battery.
  • The screen layout is fully editable so that you can play comfortably.
  • You can fast forward through the cinema scenes.


  • This emulator emulates Game Boy games faster than it does GameCube titles.

DraStic DS

The DraStic DS emulator is one that works on any Android device, so whether you have an Android phone or tablet, you will be able to play games on the emulator with relatively good resolution and speed.

The screen and the button placement can all be customized, so when you are playing a fighting game, you do not have to have the same configuration as you would with an adventure game.

In addition, this emulator has a fast forward feature that allows you to increase the speed of the emulation.

DraStic DS Emulator

You can save and resume your game at any point, and to make sure that you do not lose you’re save, you can store it on your Google Drive if you’d like.


  • External controls and joysticks have fully supported by this emulation.
  • It is compatible with thousands of cheat codes.
  • You can keep your saves on your Google Drive.


  • This emulator does not support multiplayer modes.

What is best GameCube emulator for your operating system?

PC/Windows, Mac, Linux: Dolphin emulator

When you’re planning on doing your emulation on a personal computer, you usually have some great options. In fact, as you saw from the guide, there are some very competitive choices out the best GameCube emulator for PC.

With that taken into consideration, for my money, the Dolphin emulator stands out as the most feature-rich GameCube emulator for PC.

Best GameCube Emulator for PC
Image Source: Stolen Spaghetti

Whether you’re running it as a GameCube emulator for Windows, Mac, or Linux, as long as you have the hardware, you can expect great things.

It packs in features that help a standard PC translate the core processes from the GameCube so that the x86 processors of our modern computers can run the software without much issue.

Additionally, this GameCube emulator Windows can also read ISO files, which are copied from the original discs and can even read the original discs themselves.

No other GameCube emulator for Mac, PC, or Linux can do quite as much as Dolphin, which is fairly impressive considering that it’s been around since 2004. It’s also regularly updated, which is rare considering that even some of the most popular emulators end up becoming abandonware.

Android: Dolphin emulator

Much of the modern gaming experience exists on the small screen of the Smartphone, and Android has a large segment of this market.

For this reason, emulation in the palm of the hand is becoming a very popular branch of mobile gaming, and many GameCube emulator Android can accurately emulate many of the ROMs and games from that console generation. If you check the Google Play store, you’ll find tons of emulators for various systems.

If I’m being honest, when it comes to the best GameCube emulator for Android, once again, Dolphin comes out ahead of the competition.

Best GameCube Emulator for Android
Image Source: roonby.com

While the performance will vary from handset to handset, as a free Android GameCube emulator, this app really shines.

I particularly loved how the app emulates the GameCube controller experience – your buttons are arranged on the screen in a fairly faithful way, and you can tweak each games setting via in-emulator menus.

Additionally, adding games only requires that the ROMS are on your phone, and you can add more by navigating to the folder after pressing the “+” button. This emulator even has support for gamepads.

iOS: GC4iOS Emulator

While iOS is a fertile ground for many great games, emulation isn’t as popular on this mobile platform as it is on Android.

Having said that, there are a couple of options out there, and out of the emulators for GameCube, GC4iOS stands out as the best GameCube emulator iOS.

This particular emulator isn’t available on Apple’s App Store, which means that you’ll have to jump through a few hoops to install it on your handset. With that said, ROMs are shareable via iTunes, which can make finding games a bit simpler.

Best GameCube Emulator for iOS

It’s important to note that you won’t get top frame rates with this emulator, but you should be able to play some of your favorite GameCube games with a little stuttering.

Like the Android mobile GameCube emulators, GC4iOS uses a controller scheme that lets you incorporate a gamepad or lets you use on-screen controls that emulate the classic GameCube controller.

Overall, it’s a very exciting and interesting emulator for those that want to play on their iPhone or iPad.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy my guide on the best GameCube emulators? This topic is very near and dear to me because it feels great to revisit some of the gaming classics of the past.

Also, modern computers pack in a plethora of great features that just weren’t available during the lifespan of the original Nintendo GameCube.

As you can tell by this guide, there are several awesome GameCube emulators that you can select, so give them a try when you get a chance.

Playing some of these classics can be just as rewarding as playing the more modern games, and in some cases, the experience can be even better.

Please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments section – I love to hear from fellow emulation enthusiasts. Also, feel free to share this article so that your friends can learn a bit more about GameCube emulation.

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