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How to convert EPUB to MOBI with OnlineConvertFree

If you are reading this article, you must be looking for a way to convert EPUB files that you have into MOBI files. It is not something difficult to do. You will be able to discover a range of online file converters, which can assist you in getting the job done. OnlineConvertFree.com can be considered as a perfect example of such a converter.

What exactly are EPUB files?

Before going through the conversion process, it is important to understand what EPUB files are. Then you will be able to get a better idea on the conversion process and how to move forward with it as well.

EPUB can be considered as the most popular file format, which is being used for the eBooks. This file format was created by International Digital Publishing Forum. In fact, this can be considered as an open source eBook file format. It has become a standard file format for eBooks in today’s world as well. However, you will only be able to open the EPUB files in few selected devices.

For example, you will be able to open the EPUB files on your iPad, iPod or on iPhone. You will also be able to open the EPUB files on Kobo Reader, Sony Reader, and Nook reader. But when you come across the need to open an EPUB file on your computer, you will notice that you are not in a position to get the job done. That’s where you need to look for an EPUB to MOBI converter. Then you will be able to get your conversion done without any hassle.

OnlineConvertFree review

A large number of online converters are there to assist you with your EPUB to MOBI conversion needs. However, you don’t need to try your luck with those converters because we are going to let you know about the best conversion tool out of them. That’s none other than onlineconvertfree.com, is best to choose for converting EPUB to MOBI file online now.

OnlineConvertFree is free and easy to use a file converter. In fact, it is a versatile file converter, which you will be able to use in order to get a range of file conversions done. It includes EPUB to MOBI conversions as well.

The best thing about using this kind of an online converter is that you don’t need to download any applications to your computer. You can simply open the web interface and get your job done. You will be able to get the EPUB to MOBI conversions done from the online interface as well. You will love the enhanced functionality that comes along with it as well.

Steps to use OnlineConvertFree for EPUB to MOBI conversions

Now let’s take a quick look at the steps that you need to follow in order to convert EPUB to MOBI.

  1. To begin with, you need to visit OnlineConvertFree.com. The website is simple and easy to understand. You will be able to upload the EPUB file that you have to the web interface.
  1. The next step is to upload the EPUB files that you have to the website. The uploading process is quick, and you will be able to get the job done without any difficulties.
  2. Once you upload the EPUB file, you will need to select the output file format. You will be provided with a list to make the selection. From the list, you need to select MOBI file format and then proceed. This will initiate the conversion process within the web app.
  3. Once the conversion process is completed, you will be provided with a link to download. You just need to click on that link and the MOBI file will be downloaded to the computer. That’s all the steps you need to follow when you are using this tool. In a similar way, you will also be able to convert from EPUB to many other compatible file formats, even pdf.

Final Thoughts

OnlineConvertFree can be considered as a multi-purpose file converter. You will not only be able to use this tool to convert EPUB files to MOBI files. You will be able to convert many other file formats using this tool. Therefore, you can think about using it as the one-stop resort for all your file conversion needs.

The experience that you can get from this tool is impressive and you will be able to get enhanced functionality. They will be adding new file format compatibilities to the online tool in the future as well. Therefore, keep an eye on onlineconvertfree.com and you can use it for all the file conversion needs.

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