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How To Get iMessage On PC/Windows (Ultimate Guide)

How to get iMessage on PC? That is a question that I saw a lot of people asked on Tech Forum. Besides, iOS emulators for PC also a big problem that everyone to find the solution.

You prefer to chat on iMessage. But your phone’s on charge, lost, broken, etc.

Your Mac is in for repairs, or you don’t own one. And you’re hurting because of all the messages you’re missing.

Or maybe your team is chatting away on iMessage and you can’t be bothered to even own a Mac. And switching between the iPhone and the PC is just, well, annoying.

Well, it’s possible to grab your iMessages on PC device.

It’s not easy. But it is possible.

So here are a few ways you can get back onto iMessage and answer all those messages.

I must mention that some of these don’t seem to work. But we have so many genius readers out there. If any of you can solve the problems we experienced, please do so in the comments.

We’d be super grateful!

What is iMessage?

It’s basically a messaging service similar to whatsapp and, to those old enough to remember, Mxit. (Guess I’m showing my age, huh?)

You can send and receive text messages over the internet, so your texting bill doesn’t get out of control.

imessage on windows

A nifty feature of iMessage is the ability to send messages to those who don’t have iMessage. In this case, the message is sent as a text automatically. Standard charges apply though.

Can iMessage Really Work On PC?

Well, yes and no.

As I said before, there are ways that we’ve found to work. Then there are some that don’t.

The key is to be able to access your AppleID. So if you read our article on iPhone emulators, you’ll know that “emulators” aren’t an option.

That didn’t stop us from trying though. So here are a few ways we couldn’t get Apple iMessage for PC Windows 10 or any Windows version to work…

These Don’t Work iMessage on PC, But Maybe You Can Get Them To?

If you can figure out what went wrong, please do so? We’ll be eternally grateful!

1. Ipadian

The first and most obvious choice to use iMessage for Windows, right? An iOS emulator!

Of course, this should be easy. Just download the emulator and install iMessage and… oh wait, we can’t get into the Apple ID.


Well, the thing is, iPadian is a simulator. Not an emulator. And short of installing an IDE on my PC, I can’t run any apps at all. Since the so-called emulators only simulate the iOS experience.

Sadly we couldn’t find a way around this problem. We could download and mess about in iMessage, but it’s pretty useless if you want to use the app like it was meant to be used.

2. Bluestacks Android Emulator

So, a Google search brought me to an article that said Bluestacks would work.

So I gave it a try.

I installed it, got everything up and running and then all I had to do was search for “iMessage”.

And it did work. To a point.

I installed iMessenger, opened it up and voila – looked like I could start sending iMessages. But then we couldn’t get it to sync with an existing iOS account. So there was no way to continue existing conversations.

So it sort of worked, but if you want to keep your existing chats, this isn’t for you.

3. Mirror iPhone Screen To PC

This one could actually work for getting iMessage on Windows, in theory. But we couldn’t get it to work for some reason. Here’s what I did…

I downloaded Lonely Screen, installed in on the PC and it started right up – after a few firewall issues, that is. But you can mostly click past them.

Then we went to the iPhone and activated Airplay Mirroring. The PC showed up as an Apple TV, but it still connected just fine.

The iPhone screen showed up in Lonely Screen.


Only… we couldn’t get the phone to accept input from the PC. So you still had to go to the phone if you wanted to do anything.

Which doesn’t really solve our problems, does it?

These Actually Work

Now, here are the ways we got this to work for using iMessage on PC. Some of them were easier than others, but they all worked better than the solutions above.

So here goes…

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

This method is easy to get iMessage on PC. You’ll need a Mac for this one. But it works really well and it’s easy to set up.

Firstly, you’ll need to get Google Chrome for both your Windows and Mac computers.

Then download Chrome Remote Desktop – again for both computers.

Launch it on the Windows PC, then download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on the Mac.

Launch the app on Mac and click “share”. You’ll get a code at this point, which you’ll use on the Windows PC.

That did the trick for us, and input was available both ways. So this worked.

However, one of the problems we mentioned at the start was not having a Mac.

So this isn’t our ultimate fix.

Let’s look at a few more then…

2. Hackintosh – Best choose iMessage for PC

Never heard of Hackintosh? Well, it’s not an app. It’s actually a computer that isn’t a Mac, hacked to run like a Mac. So the term “a Hackintosh” refers to any non-Mac computer that runs macOS.

The name refers to the fact that to accomplish this, you need to do some hacking.

But you probably figured that out already…

Moving on…

I must admit, I wasn’t able to test this. It would have been quite an expensive venture. But according to the internet, building a Hackintosh is a 100% way to run anything from the Apple app store.

So if you’re looking to build a Hackintosh, you’ll need to be prepared. It’s quite a journey (or so it seems).

You’ll need to be comfortable with building your own PC from scratch. Not too hard though, you can find guides online on how to install different computer components. And if you’re new to PC building, I strongly recommend you follow guides and don’t try to “figure it out”.

There’s some unintuitive stuff going on in a PC. Now, I haven’t built a PC myself for ages. But the first time I did we had no internet. So I couldn’t search for any guides.

I blew up my first PC within a week.

See, I didn’t know you needed thermal paste in between the CPU and motherboard (is that even still a thing?).

I did wonder why my PC kept slowing down after a half-hour’s use. I just assumed that the hardware was poor. And then it happened. The CPU got so hot that it died, for good.

Also, you might be tempted to use a magnetic tip screwdriver to keep hold of those small screws. Don’t.

And touch the back of your PC case every few seconds while building, to discharge your static. Because a static charge on the wrong component would destroy it.

I think you get the idea. Moving on.

You’ll also need to be pretty comfortable with software installations. It’ll help if you’ve installed at least Windows on a PC before.

But considering that you’re reading this, you’ll probably get it right. And when you’ve got your own Hackintosh, it’s as simple as hopping onto the app store and downloading iMessage and whatever else you’d like.

This is a more technical fix, and it does replace your windows with macOS. So if you’d still like to go this route, check out this awesome guide by Lifehacker.

3. myPhoneDesktop

This one’s almost exactly like the “Mirror iPhone to PC” method. It’s quick, it’s easy and this time it actually works.

myPhoneDesktop is a paid app that quickly lets you set up your PC to receive output from your phone – and to receive output too.

In other words, you’ll be able to access and use iMessage on PC.

But you do need an iPhone for this. There’s no way that I know of to get it working without actually owning one.

So, here’s the very complicated instructions for getting this one to work:

  • Step 1: Download myPhoneDesktop on both your PC and iPhone ($4.99 on the Apple store).
  • Step 2: Sign-In or Sign-Up.
  • Step 3: Enjoy.

Simple and easy, this App’s definitely worth a buy if you have an iPhone.

May or May Not Work…

There’s one method which may or may not work. If you’ve used this method, please drop a comment for us?


We couldn’t test it. But I’m 100% sure that it works. Thanks to online user feedback.

Why couldn’t we test it?

Well, it’s a little outdated. The latest version we could find seems to be for iOS 9. And you need to have Cydia installed for it.

As you may know, Cydia’s iOS 9 support is pretty limited. But others have gotten it to work and can successfully use iMessage on PC.

Remotemessages, if updated, would be a very viable way of doing this. The only problem is you need to jailbreak your phone. And if you use myPhoneDesktop, there’s no real need to do this. So on that count, Remotemessages is out of the picture anyway.

But if you have an older device and you do want to try this one, go right ahead. It works great. It not only allows you to send and receive iMessage on PC, it also loads up your existing conversations for you.

iPhoneHacks has a good article on this if you’d like to try it out. And if you want to jailbreak your phone, you can check out our article on that.

The Sad Truth about iMessage on PC

Something you may have noticed… all of the above methods require you to have some sort of Apple device. So if you don’t have one, you’ll have to wait until someone manages to create a true iOS emulator.

Unless, of course, you build a Hackintosh to send iMessage from PC.

And I’m sorry, but I like my Windows PC. I understand it, it’s user-friendly (mostly), and it runs all the apps I want and need.

And on the subject off apps…

My Personal Suggestion

What’s like iMessage, but you can install it on anything?

Well, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Discord, Line, etc…

There are a ton of instant messaging services around. Personally, I’ve found that most people do have a Skype account. So it’s been the most useful for me, personally.

But let’s take a look at some of these services…


The best app replaces iMessage app for windows. You can install on Windows or any phone devices, send instant messages, voice call, video chat – it does everything iMessages can do. There’s also a ton of emoji’s to choose from if that’s your thing.

As long as you’ve got a fast internet connection, the voice and video calls are excellent.

My only complaint on Skype would be finding other users. Those who have been on Skype for years will have a username, and those with newer accounts will have an email address. This has caused so much confusion with my contacts already.

But other than that, Skype is a great platform accessible to all. It’s available on Mac, Linux, Windows and mobile platforms.


Telegram boasts a 100% secure messaging service. Since they apparently refused to hand over encryption keys to the government.

Their messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. This is no-doubt awesome. But it also gives rise to a host of illicit users who can abuse this sort of platform. Though if you handle a lot of sensitive information in your line of work this would be your go-to messaging service.

Now I’m not sure of all of Telegram’s features, as I only recently got it. But you can have groups of up to 100 000 members. So communicating, even in large companies, can be made pretty easy.

It does support voice calls. Not 100% sure whether it supports video calls or not. Doesn’t look like it.

And Telegram is also available on all major platforms.


I’ve never used Viber, to be honest. I’ve never needed to use anything besides Skype and Whatsapp (my go to chat services).

But this is another service that promises to be very secure. With voice and video calls, document sharing, etc. All heavily encrypted.

It also features group chats and emoji’s (they call it stickers).

If you’re looking for something secure, you can try both this and Telegram and pick the one you like best.


Remember Teamspeak? It was a very popular platform for gamers to chat while playing together.

Well, Discord is the new Teamspeak.

It’s homepage is pretty gutsy. And this is a direct quote: “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak.”

That… pretty much sums it up.

Discord supports text and voice chat, especially designed for gamers. It seems you can’t watch a Twitch or Youtube gaming channel without seeing a Discord server link somewhere.

It’s also available for all major platforms. I’ve never used it personally, but many, many people love it. And that can only mean one thing.

They’re all sheep.


A lot like the others on this list… Line offers free calls and messages.

They also have stickers.

But they don’t promise to be totally secure. It’s more of a light social feel if you head to their website.

And it’s a good website, I must say. Of the lot, probably the best. You can see that the developers actually tried giving the website a light, social and fun feel.

And they’ve also got those weird screen effects like Snapchat.

But again, it doesn’t do anything majorly different.

Last Words On Messaging Services

I could review all these platforms in-depth for you. But the thing is, there’s no major differences between them from what I can tell.

So the most likely scenario is that you’ll end up using whatever your friends or associates are using.

Unless they use iMessage and you can’t.

If that’s the case, get a new group who are more inclusive!

And That’s My Two Cents

That’s all I have to say on the subject of getting iMessage to work on your phone. I do hope you enjoyed the guide and found at least some value in it.

To be honest, I never wanted to use iMessage. But it’s a super popular platform and many love using it (Including some of my friends).

But with competitors who do the same thing (and sometimes do it better), I just don’t understand the hype.

One thing I can understand is if your whole team or group of friends uses iMessage. But if this is the case and you don’t want to invest in an Apple device, convince them that other instant messaging services are just as good – and more inclusive.

Because if a new member enters the group, at least they can join in without having to shell out for an expensive new iPhone.

Share your thoughts in the comments below? And share the article if you liked it.

But most of all, have a nice day.

I am passionate about new Technologies, Computing and everything related to Computing. I came to this world not only to make mistakes but to be able to learn from every mistake and be better every day.

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