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Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free [2021]

List of the best websites to watch cartoons online for free, Kisscartoon, Kissanime, Gogoanime, and many other websites for anime shows and movies.

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Cartoons are so much entertaining than other things, in my opinion. That is a big myth that only children watch cartoon. Most people prefer to watch cartoons, even at a much older age. It’s a lot more difficult to explain what joy people get while watching cartoons. I believe that I am not the only one on this planet dealing with this thing. Cartoons have a huge fan base in which Japan and various other countries. Animes like Dragon Ball and Death Note have been my favorites.

If you are an Internet user who loves to watch cartoons, this article will be fascinating and helpful. Because in this article, I am going to discuss the best websites to watch Cartoons online. We have listed all the websites that we think will be good enough to recommend to you guys. Some are for American cartoons; some are for animes, while others for mixed all kinds of cartoons. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for free

Here is the list of best websites to watch cartoons online for free:

#1 CartoonCrazy

The website is definitely for those who are crazy about cartoons. The CartoonCrazy is an outstanding place to watch free high-quality cartoons online. There are millions of monthly users of this website. It is a well-designed and easy-to-use place that has a huge playlist of cartoons.

The CartoonCrazy gets the latest episodes of the cartoons regularly that get featured on its home screen for convenience. You can select cartoon series from different genres because different people having different tastes.

Website URL:

#2 Toonjet

Toonjet is a really unique and fun-centric online cartoon website. The website is completely focused on providing the popular and classic cartoons of the 20th century. If you love to feel the nostalgia and want to go into your childhood memories, the Toonjet can be a really awesome place for you.

It provides almost all the old cartoons from the last century. If I name some of them, Betty Boop, Felix, and Looney Toons can be considered. The website provides cartoons for free with no ads as well.

Website URL:

#3 KimCartoon

KimCartoons is a contemporary website in the online cartoon world. It is used by millions of regular cartoon consumers daily. The website is among the most used online cartoon destinations with a huge content base of hundreds of thousands of episodes of cartoons.

You will never get bored while using KimCartoon. The chances are that you will become a regular user of this website. Yes, it’s that good in content and streaming experience.

Website URL:

#4 KissCartoon

Kiss cartoon is another great option that is on our list. KissCartoon is a very reputable name among online cartoon viewers. You must have heard this name bore if you love to access cartoon databases online. It is much better looking than any of the others listed above. The user interface of this website makes the user easily navigate and watch cartoons online.

The KissCartoon website has all the data that you need to watch high-quality cartoon stuff for free. The website is loaded with tones of cartoon series, and one can find any cartoon that he can think of. However, anime content is not available on this website. For anime, they have a separate website, KissAnime.

Website URL:

#5 KissAnime

As I told you, KissCartoon is a separate website offered by KissCartoon just for Anime content. KissAsian and KissAnime are just dedicated to Japanese TV Shows and Japanese cartoons, respectively. You can watch anime content on KissAnime just like you watch other cartoons on KissCartoon.

The website is just like KissCartoon, which means simple and easy-to-use interface. I personally liked the “Random” button that randomly suggests cartoon/anime to confused users. The original website was taken down long ago due to copyright issues. But you can access the original database through other proxy and mirror websites. If the listed website is not working in your country, you can use VPN.

Website URL:

#6 Cartoon8

The next awesome website that you can use is Cartoon8. If you are not into anime and mostly watch American cartoons, the Cartoon8 is a good option. You can choose different cartoons from the available options like Later Cartoons, Ongoing Cartoons, and Completed Cartoons.

The website is loaded with American cartoons. All the available content is in HD streaming quality. Cartoon8 is a fairly new website, but you won’t find anything bad when you use it. You must be loving this website if you need English content to satiate the hunger of watching cartoons online for free.

Website URL:

#7 GoGoAnime

The next anime-oriented website on our list is GoGoAnime. The website is trendy among anime lovers, and about 20-30 million regular visits are a normal thing for this website. Hence you can assume how good the website is.

It has an extensive collection of high-definition anime content available for streaming. It charges no money for the service. If you are willing to watch anime movies, then this website is also capable of that. You’ll find all the popular anime movies here without any doubt.

Website URL:

#8 CartoonShow

Another American online cartoon website on our list is CartoonShow. The website has a good amount of American cartoons that you can watch online without any problem.

The website is pretty new in this domain and hence is low on content quantity. However, maintaining the content’s quality, the website is regularly laded with new and fresh cartoon episodes. You can try the CartoonShow website as well.

Website URL:

#9 MyCartoon

The MyCartoon is a nicely designed website for online cartoon streaming. It is also a newcomer and is low on content. The website is currently providing anime series, and most of them are completed and are ready to be watched from start to end.

Its cartoon quality is up to the mark. And talking about quantity, the website is getting regular episodes of all the ongoing animes.

Website URL:

#10 WatchCartoonOnline

Pretty straightforward name, just like its service of online cartoon streaming. Watch cartoon Online is a website that truly defines its name. The website is just amazing, and you will love it. It has almost all kinds of cartoon shows ranging from American to Japanese anime.

The website deals in every cartoon type and hence is completely suitable for your daily cravings for cartoons. The website has huge content along with a nice-looking and easy-to-use user interface.

Website URL:

#11 CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn can also be a good place for you to stream free cartoons on the internet. What I liked about the website is that there is no annoying popup ad on the whole website. If popup advertisements were your concern and you don’t want any distraction while watching cartoons, CartoonsOn can be a good option.

The website earns just from banner ads, making it a lot more seamless and nice experiencing website. I can surely recommend the CartoonsOn website, and it deserves to be on this list.

Website URL:

Final Conclusion

So these were some of the best websites to watch cartoons online. The list has included diversified cartoon websites, like American cartoon-specific websites, anime-specific websites, and mixed websites with all the cartoon content. You can try any or all of these websites and bookmark those that suit you the best.

I hope this list of best online cartoon websites was helpful enough to bring you the best experience. If I have missed any good website that deserves to be on this list, please comment on that website below. Thanks a lot for reading.

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