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About Us

Internet Outsider is one of the largest tech sites in the world, publishing hardware and app tests, news, and tips. We publish news on iOS, Android and other platforms.

Our mission is simple: to help you improve your life with Android. This involves testing new devices and the latest apps to help you find what you need. Once the device has been purchased or the app has been downloaded, we help you get the most out of it with our tips and tricks.

Rumors about the next most innovative devices, comprehensive tests of the latest smartphones, tablets and other Android devices, recommendations of the best applications or Android tips, you will find everything on www.internetoutsider.com.

The site has been designed for ease of reading and browsing on any screen size: from smartphone to PC to tablet. We also offer you a free application to enjoy Android on the move. To make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest news and tips, sign up for the free newsletter directly from the site’s homepage.

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This computer site offers Guides and Tutorials for your software.
If you have a problem with your computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux, your iOS or Android smartphone and/or social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.), you’re in the right place to find a solution

Find alternatives for your software and mobile applications, websites, video games and more, Use our contact form to get in touch with the editorial team.

On this site, you will find news articles, tutorials, buzz videos and tips around the geek universe.

No problem, if you want to participate in the discussion in the comments area nevertheless, as in real life, you must remain calm during your interventions and respect the opinion of other readers. This is not a boxing ring and it is important for us that everyone can express themselves.

If you want to get in touch with us for a particular request, send us a declaration of love or accuse us of a plot that aims to control the world, you can send us a small email to the following address: [email protected] or contact us.

Every day of the week, Internet Outsider, the magazine of the 100% digital generation, gives you the opportunity to access useful news and sometimes even amazing. In just a few clicks, you’ll find completely different internet discoveries, technological revolutions and interesting information that will help you develop your web culture.

Technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives. If formerly, they touched a very particular and specialized public, it is not really the case for some time now. Today, there are many people who use the Internet every day, connected objects and many other techies. That’s why we decided to launch the Internet Outsider media. Dedicated to the digital generation, this media of a new genre addresses a lot of thematic, but it remains specialized in the news of the web, the novelties High-Tech and the viral buzz.

We want to reach a wide audience and not just techies.

We do not want to replace some TECH media that are already doing a great job and providing us with great content every day. Our most cherished wish is simply to be able to explain the new technologies to both neophytes and enthusiasts. It’s not always easy and it’s a long-term mission, but you know it as well as we do, hope gives life.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us to give us your opinion on this site. The web is constantly evolving and we need your feedback to keep evolving. There is nothing worse than stagnating especially in our field …

About Me

Fouder of the ModTrust

I am passionate about new Technologies, Computing and everything related to Computing. I came to this world not only to make mistakes but to be able to learn from every mistake and be better every day. I am a student of systems and computers, currently the technologist in Computer Equipment Maintenance and Installation of Structured Cabling, among my passions one of them is to be writing, permanently I do it in this blog where I share and add content that serves me, but it is for everyone.

If you want to be in touch with me you can add me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Anything that you do not like or bother you about this blog, we can talk calmly and we will solve it together by talking in the right way.

What does this blog offer us?

At Internet Outsider. you can find articles of free courses, tutorials, infographics, entrepreneurship, mobile applications, and many other resources, all referring to technology and computing. Almost all the resources you will find are free of charge, and if there is one that is not our property, you will have your copyright as such. This blog does not share content that contains violence and sexual themes.

How can I collaborate with this project?

1- It is very simple and simple, you can help me by sharing the content on your social networks, with your friends, family and with those people who are interested with the resources provided by us.

2- You can also create your account in Gmail, access the Blogger tab and if you like technology, computer, and computing you can write your own post.

I do not pretend to become famous with this blog, much less a millionaire, all I want is to contribute my grain of sand to all those people that like me, are interested in learning and better every day.

Thank you very much for visiting the website…